25 Website Must-haves Checklist

A website isn’t just a poster you stick online, it’s a business platform.

Beyond being just a digital version of your brick and mortar business, your website is a digital publishing house, an e-storefront, a telecommunications command center, and the hub for all your interactions with the world.
Treat it like the most important advertising channel you have, because it is.

25 website must-haves checklist cover

We’ve been building compelling, functional, and integrated websites for years now. In order to be successful we’ve had to continue to evolve and adapt, just like you have in your own industry.

Follow this checklist to evaluate your website performance and learn how to improve your online presence and maximize the ROI that it can generate.

Some key takeaways:

  •  On-site SEO is an absolute must-have to increase your organic (non-paid) search engine rankings.
  •  Make web pages compatible with multiple browsers and devices.
  •  Create unique content that is shareable and social.

25 website must-haves checklist cover

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