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Personalized Websites, the new kid in town

Design Angler - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Individualism is rather like innocence; there must be something unconscious about it.-Louis Kronenberger

It is clear that we are at the age of individualism. We breathe and bleed personalization. From the ability to chose the color of our car to having our phone call us by name. We have made it clear that having the same brand new car isn’t enough anymore, if it's the same color as the neighbor's. What can mine do that his can’t do?

We have pushed this beast further, now the ads you are exposed to are not the same as your deskmates, or even your family. Most of us are already enjoying personalized marketing, even if we do not realize it. If you irritably dismiss annoying ads on TV, radio, and online, but you stop a moment to read or click on those ads you find interesting, even (dare we say) relevant to you, then you are secretly demanding personalized marketing.

Personalized sites offer the ability to tailor the view of one's future visits.

Personalized websites offer an experience that is customizable to every viewer. A website that will change in content and layout according to the person looking at it, in an effort to reflect the person’s interests, location, and device, and offer the ability to also tailor the view of ones future visits.

Okay, so what's the difference between Personalized and Responsive?

Responsive Websites are now the “it” thing, so much so that soon separate static and mobile sites will no longer be options, only various levels of responsive and app-based multi-device online interfaces. The ability to view responsive web content from any platform is the new standard. It is more of a must nowdays than it is a perk. Now, responsive websites are paving the way for another, much “cooler” kid, one that learns about you and delivers your info and advertising the way you prefer. Enter the Personalized Website.

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(infographic credit Traian Neacsu)

Special thanks to co-author, wunderkind intern, Gio Maglo