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DAI Launches Shiny New Boat! - blog post image

DAI Launches Shiny New Boat!

Design Angler - Thursday, February 12, 2015

The carpenter lives in a tar paper shack, the auto mechanic drives a beater, and the cobbler’s children go barefoot. There’s a lot of vocational irony out there, and recognizing it can be useful.

As a business owner do you ever find it hard to apply your skills to the needs of your own company?
Of course, and you are not alone. While we continue to work hard for our clients, providing them with the highest quality products and services, we often find it very difficult to survey and upgrade our own assets. There are many reasons for this, but clearly is it not because we don’t value our own work. Instead, it's precisely this value that gets in our way; our work is heading out the door, keeping clients happy and growing.

Let the bells ring out as we break a bottle on the bow, and push this new craft out into the icy water. Design Angler, the Ad Agency of the frozen northland, is steaming out across the world!

In the end, though, we have to step it up, and the best testament to our belief in our work is to apply it to our own business.
Heck, we have a powerful business model, a compelling personal story, and a super-talented staff, all right here in the best outsourcing environment ever, Minnesota’s winter wonderland. 

Many thanks to said talented staff for helping bring the new DAI website (read Fully-Responsive Online Business Platform) online in January of 2015. Here’s to the the next update… maybe this June? Anyone? Oh well.